Health and Environmental Research

GLSHD had conducted a several environmental and health-oriented researches in which some of them had been already published in an international scientific journal.

Participation in a conference to present the results of a study carried out by the Association and published in a number of international scientific journals

Research discusses the factors affecting age and early aging in Palestinian society (Aging Characteristics in the Palestinian Community).

Impact of e-waste Burning on health and environment in the south west Hebron (2013-2015)

Research Objective : To show the effect of the burning E-waste on health and the environment.This research included of : 

Evaluation of the physical activity of cerebral palsy teenagers (14-20 years) (CP-PALS): (2013-2014)

This experimental research aimed to identify the factors affecting the physical activity of cerebral palsy teenagers in this age group.

Green Land Society for Health Development (GLSHD) is a Non-profit organization established in 2007 in Hebron

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