Improving health and environment

GLSHD conducted several environmental and health projects and activities that aimed to improve the level of health and environmental status in Palestine as part of the 5th objective of GLSHD

Recreational medical day for Elderly (2013)

Recreational medical day for Elderly (2013)

GLSHD volunteers coordinated the work of a medical recreational day for the elderly in partnership with students from Al-Quds University, where the elderly were examined their needs assessed and the necessary advice given to them in the elderly home in terms of daily exercises required for some of them who need rehabilitation follow-up.

Distribution of mobile electric wheelchairs for a group of university students with disabilities in the community to facilitate their movement (2012)

Where the number of volunteers in GLSHD distributed a set of electric wheelchair for a number of students of universities with disabilities in Palestine.

Organizing activities for the  International Day of Multiple Sclerosis (2011)

Organizing activities for the International Day of Multiple Sclerosis (2011)

GLSHD in cooperation with the Multiple Sclerosis Friends Society and supported by Jawal and Paltel Company, participated in the celebration of the International Day of MS patients by giving an educational lecture about the role of physiotherapy and its importance in helping the patient to live a better life.

Green Land Society for Health Development (GLSHD) is a Non-profit organization established in 2007 in Hebron

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